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Yes, I'm a slacker. I have been reading everyone ELSE's Journalcon recaps, and have come to the non-startling conclusion that they've said everything that I would have said, only better, and with more details. So here are links to all of the people's journals that were there, and a BRIEF comment about SOME of them.

acaldwell1958 - the daily drivel: Seemed like a nice enough guy. Kind of quiet though. Brought his own friends to the party.

amandapage - precipice: Very cool lady who remembered me from the mexican restaurant in Austin. Hung out with her and Kymm quite a bit.

Beth – Diary of a SubUrban Housewife: Funny lady, wicked sense of humor.

Chuck Atkins – There's Pie in the Lunchroom: Dinner Saturday night with Chuck and Beth (above), at a Brazilian restaurant which was lots of fun and good food and good talking.

biensoul – pretentious as all get out: Jessie is GREAT. Amazingly good rapper, pretty fly for a white girl.

Bozoette – Red Nose: Mary brought red clown noses and tiny rubber chickens. I could hang out with her.

Carol Elaine – all the fun of the fair..: Like everyone else said, amazing cleavage. And a nice lady too. (Look UP!!!)

Chauffi – Jake's Zen Diary: Jake is just a trip. Don't know which way he goes on that trip, but if there's statuary, or pancakes, watch out. Or so I hear.

Cruel-Irony – Do Not Use For Storage: The pocket blogger. A cutie.

debsiobhan – Deb's Place: She was the first participant I saw when I got there, what a nice person she is. And funny.

Dichroic – Dichroic Reflections: A little intimidating, and very intense.

fredlet – fredlet's waste of bandwidth: Another cutie-patootie, and gorgeous long brown hair.

KarenD – Hat on Top, Coat Below: Karen said, your life has gotten a little more..... complicated.... since Austin, hasn't it? Perceptive lady.

Kymm – Sweet as a Biscuit: Wonderful.

LA the Sage – LA's Kickass Diary: I'd let HER carry me away. Wow!

Mare Ingenii – The World As Mare Sees It: Mare was the first hug I got/gave this year, she gives great hugs, and when she's dancing..... ooooooh baby.... THAT was when I proposed to her. In all seriousness too, because she's Canadian, ya know, and I COULD marry her there..... /swoon/

Meg – Seafoam: How fun is this girl. She made some AWESOME swag, the mix CD has some of my new favorite songs on it.

Minarae – Random Scribblings: The Hostess with the Mostess, for sure. Fun, pretty, just great.

Petrouchka – Air Conditioned Nightmare: Lucky man, to be betrothed to Minarae. Although, perhaps she's just as lucky. He seemed like a really nice guy.

Pratt – The Blog of Pratt: BunnyMan.... funny man.... dances and sings like nobody's business. He was the first person who introduced himself to me this time.

purplefishy – The Purple Pen: We hung out on Sunday morning (or was it Saturday?) before panels, and just chatted. I keep trying to put a comment on her journal, about how beautiful she looks in the long maroon dress, but it won't let me. /pouting/

TranceJen: The sexiest voice I know. I wish she were closer to me.

Weetabix – Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks: The Queen of JournalCon. Read her, and you will know everything that went on that's worth knowing.

Beth - Xeney: I'd never heard of the legendary Beth, except 2 years ago when I briefly stopped in at The UsualSuspects, but she's very nice, and very well-spoken.

Mo: Weet's alter ego, and just as much fun as the Queen

Ian: I totally enjoyed hanging out with Ian at Karaoke, and telling him my life story, or at least the last 3 years worth of it. I hope he visits.

Montykins: The King of Deadpan Karaoke. And you do NOT have to be drunk to enjoy it.

Pablo: Sexy, british dude. Quiet.

Jecca: Oh. My. God. This girl is gorgeous, and I don't think she knows it. She's so NICE.

-b: Looks like the guy next door, doesn't drink, but SO FUNNY, and VERY handsome too.

There were a few people there that I didn't interact much with:



Poola Girl - Tales of a Pie-Rat

Carrie - Ponder Ethereal

Ray in Austin –Ray in Austin


Science Girl – Science, Anti-Depressants and the Joys of Marriage

chaosdaily – chocolate and chaos


Mr. Karen – Rocks and Water

And some people who wanted to go but couldn't for whatever reason, but still worth checking out:

Measi – Ramblings of a Geeky Witch

Chiara – Ampersand

Haus-Frau – Housewife Chronicles

Karl Elvis – The Moronosphere

Lucky Pink – Lucky Pink

Patrick Cleary – Patrick's Daily Journal

Rob Rummel-Hudson – Darn Tootin'

Ok, so now let's hope all the links work. Yeah, like THAT's possible.

8:52 p.m. - 2005-10-28


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