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Hi!!! Sugar buzz much? Yes, thanks for asking!!!!

OkI'mgoingtowritethisentryreallyfastandthengoaroundthehouse andorganizeeverythingandcleaneverythingbecause I just atetheleftoverbirthdayicecreamcake fromworktodayand nowI'mtotallybuzzing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man it's hard to type without putting spaces in. I typed that slower than I normally type. That's just wrong. How will you know I'm hyper and buzzing if I put spaces in? How, I ask you? How?

Ok then. Yes, today's my birthday, and I now am the answer to the question, what is the meaning of life? If you know the answer to that question, you will know how old I am. If not, oh well.

Today was a pretty good day at work, I got taken out to lunch at Chillllli's and had their southwestern eggrolls which are extrayummy when someone else is paying for them. Had to go to not one but TWO meetings, which is very rare for me, I hardly ever go to meetings. Woo. (right)

I got presents this morning from D and NS and JE, they did a SUPER wrapping job complete with a handwritten note that said, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you like our festivious wrapping job! It was wrapped up in a plastic grocery bag, but you know what? It accomplished the same purpose, it hid the contents until I opened it, and really, that's what wrapping presents is all about, isn't it?

So anyway, what they gave me was a book, called 244 not-so-pretty kitties and cats gone bad, which is (according to the cover) New York Times #1 bestseller (in bold CAPITAL LETTERS even! so it must be good). Also in the superb wrapping was Technically Funny 2.0, A User's Guide to Life by/with Don McMillan, a comedian we like from Bob & Tom. Which NS and I listened to while we inched home on the freeway because of a fender bender which people were rubbernecking, so it took us about an hour to go a distance which normally takes about 15 minutes. Luckily, we had entertainment, so it wasn't horrible.

Then, for dinner, we had Taco Bell, which was MY CHOICE, because the birthday person always gets to choose what they want for dinner on their birthday. So no comments about Taco Bell not being fancy enough or nice enough for a birthday dinner, ok? Thanks.

I got ecards from several people, including 8GB (8th grade boyfriend), B (D's ex-subbie), C and Susan (my ex-girlfriend and her partner) and 2 kinky cards from Ed. We're putting off therapy this week till next week because I've got a big project at work and I want to be available to work on it, because we have a deadline, and I wouldn't feel right about taking the afternoon off.

So, now I'm going to look through this book about bad cats and probably laugh my ass off. Oh, and read some diaries, because I wrote this before I did that. :)

8:03 p.m. - 2005-11-08


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