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I could use a weekend like this, every week!

Phone interview went well, I have a face-to-face interview scheduled on the 13th at 9am, and have rescheduled therapy with Ed from Wed. to that Tuesday, so I'll have to take the whole day off work. But that's not this coming Tuesday, that's the Tuesday AFTER this one.

I still haven't decided what I'll say if they offer me the job with enough additional money to make it worth jumping ship. Of course, if they offer me a job with LESS money, that'll be no.

JE has learned how to make swans. Lots of swans. In all different colors. And sizes. I am going to go to B&N tomorrow with NS and look for some books on origami, because he's really good at swans, so it would be nice to see other things too. Right now, I have a flock, larger than the picture, in my room. About 15 of them, in all different sizes and colors. MCat thought they were for her and started batting them around.

Yesterday morning, D and I had much success at the lawyer's office with their new server. And this morning, NS and I went to Wallyworld and bought misc. stuff, including sweats for D because he had declared a state of sweat pants emergency.

And other than that, there has been much reading, both days, lots of wine consumed, last night, and a nap taken today. A perfect weekend, IMO. Wouldn't you agree?

9:46 p.m. - 2005-12-04


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