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a redhead in Jeopardy! and lots of books

I'm in love with Leeaundra Temescu, a recent contestant on Jeopardy. Of course, she's WAY WAY out of my league, or the league of any person that I even know, but in my dreams, I'll be consoling her over her recent loss on the show. Gorgeous. To the point where I even found her email address and emailed her. I was polite, and hopefully not too stalkerish. I didn't say I wanted to be in one of her classes or seminars or anything, just that I thought she was the most beautiful contestant I'd seen in years.

Hello. My name is obsession. Nice to meet you.

Moving on......

I invented a new winter drink. Take your favorite flavored carbonated water, and put it in a microwave safe mug. I'm partial to the peach flavor, but any will work. Microwave it for 1:30. That's one minute, thirty seconds, not one hour and thirty minutes. Just so we're clear. Two minutes is too long, unless you have a finger that needs burning when you try to pick up the cup.

After the 1:30 is done, and the microwave goes ding, or beep, or whatever it says at your house, take the cup out. Get the bottle of tequila (surely you have tequila? doesn't everyone?) and put two capfuls in the hot flavored steaming water. Stir if you want. Or not. Your choice.

Sip and enjoy the steam and flavor and warmth that hot water and alcohol bring.

Just don't drive anywhere. You'll be warm enough you won't want to go out in the cold anyway. Stay inside and have another cup, then go to bed early completely relaxed. Lovely. Even better than Russian tea with rum, because no calories in the water, just in the tequila.

I started reading Island in the Sea of Time by S. M. Stirling, and it occurred to me that most (maybe all) of his books that I've read or bought are about a bunch of people pulled out of today and tossed into another world somehow, whether it's the future, the past, another version of today, or whatever. They're all pretty much the same story, and the details are in how the people who get swept away cope and move forward and make a living and a life in the new to them place. I loved Conquistador, where the people could go back and forth between here and now, and somewhere very much like here without all the people. So I bought Island and I bought Dies the Fire, and I hope they turn out to be as good.

I also liked 1632 by Eric Flint, 1633, and I've read about half of 1634: The Galileo Affair. Another series of books where a bunch of people get swooped up and plopped down somewhere else and they have to deal with the new place.

See a pattern? No, me neither. *innocent look*

So yeah, that's what I've been doing lately, instead of writing. Reading books already written and printed on paper (yes, how quaint, I know), as well as journals already written and displayed on my screen. Reading is fundamental. To me anyway. And I hope, to you too.

7:38 p.m. - 2005-12-09


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