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weekends should be longer

Finally the weekend. I don't know why this past week was so long, but it was.

Lunch on, was it Wednesday? Thursday? Thursday with MT was nice. And it was just lunch at TacoBell. We chatted and held hands a little bit and kissed a few times in the car, and it was good to see him again for a little while. Would have been nice if we'd had a little more time (an afternoon) but it was good to see him again anyway.

Dinner on Thursday with ex-boss-lady, JG and LL (another girl at work) at the BigRedBird restaurant was also fun. We exchanged gifts, well, except for me, because I'm a slacker and didn't get ANY of them anything. I need to do that. Suggestions will be appreciated.

Also, I got to look at JG's 60th birthday scrapbook which she wants me to contribute a page to. Which means I need to write something about her for it. It's a very cool book.

Got a phone call last night from the interview people, and they said, as I expected they would, that they really liked me, but they didn't see a fit for me into any of the positions that they have available. No biggie. I didn't either.

This morning D and I spent up at the lawyer's office moving all 5 of their users over to the new domain from the workgroup, and making sure that was all working, which it seems to be, which is YAY!

I had another semi-confirmation of my suspicion about possibly getting an iPod for xmas... D said, oh-so-nonchalantly, you might see a charge for iTunes on the visa card, don't worry about it, we're getting TheBoy (his and NS's son) a gift certificate for iTunes for xmas. Uh-huh. Ok, dear. Of course, if I'm wrong, at least I didn't say anything to him about my suspicion. :)

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon because I've felt like I'm getting a UTI for a couple days, so I peed in a cup and sure enough, I was right. So I got a prescription for Cipro and also, since I was there, I got a flu shot.

Other than that? I'm going to go read a book under a blanket.

3:53 p.m. - 2005-12-17


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