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a connection was made in a dream, it seems

Ok, this is pretty freaky. One of you already knows about it. :) And the names have been changed to protect the not-quite-innocent.

From: ThatGrrrl
To: ReaderGirl
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 5:34 AM
Subject: Was that you?`

Hi ReaderGirl,

I had a vivid dream(?) this morning, vivid enough that I wanted to ask you about it.

In this dream(?) I answered the phone like I always do at work, "This is ThatGrrrl." I heard someone say, "ThatGrrrl, this is ReaderGirl." Granted, I'm guessing at the spelling in the dream, but in the dream, I wondered, ReaderGirl who, and the only other ReederGurl I know has a voice that's very high, and this ReaderGirl had kind of a low throaty voice. Now, I have NO idea what your voice sounds like, but in my dream(?) it made sense that it was you on the phone. I woke up from this dream(?), knowing I would remember it, and looked at the clock on the headboard, and saw it was 4:11am. Information? Coincidence?

Were you trying to contact me last night somehow?

Got this email back from ReaderGirl today.

I've had a very weird night, so it doesn't surprise me really that this happened. Last night I was talking on the computer to my nephew, who lives not really very far from you...and we were talking about his girlfriend...whose name is the same as yours. I don't remember getting up from the computer and going to bed, but I guess I did because that's where I woke up...about 10 minutes ago. I also had very vivid dreams about talking to someone on the phone, but I can't remember who I was talking it might have been you. I woke up briefly after the dream, but didn't look at the clock because I was so shocked that my feet were freezing. I just went back to sleep almost immediately. It's too weird. I was talking to my dad about you last night because he's started reading diaries on diaryland and he started with my buddies list and wanted to know who all those people were. So there are some strange coincidences going on here.

And yes, I have a low throaty voice. People have commented on it because it seems to be low enough to be perfect for lulling them when I lead the guided meditations.


Now keep in mind that ReaderGirl and I have never met, have only ever emailed, have never spoken on the phone, there's NO WAY I would know what she sounds like, and yet, in my dream, I correctly heard her with a low-pitched voice.

Interesting, yes? I thought so too.

8:14 p.m. - 2005-12-19


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