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Well, not a whole lot going on since last I updated, mostly just hanging out and relaxing. Vacationing. It's a good thing. Reading, listening to music or Bob&Tom on the iPod. I did adjust my stride on the treadmill and have walked every day since and no shin aching, so that's good. I'll probably walk today after I finish this entry, and then go take my shower. Yesterday, nobody took showers till after lunch, close to 1pm. We had pancakes with fried apples and ham slices for lunch. That was yummy.

We watched Because of Winn-Dixie night before last, I guess that was New Year's Eve, it was a pretty good movie. The dog was great. We have Napoleon Dynamite to watch today, and dinner is already cooking in the crockpot.

NYE was nothing special, I managed to stay awake reading till 11 and then pretended I was in the Atlantic Time Zone and said Happy New Year and went to sleep. Because I'm so exciting like that. Didn't get up yesterday morning or today either till after 7:30. And snuggled with the cat, which is nice.

Haven't heard from Ed since right after Christmas, he went to the coast and said he'd be back after New Years. So I'm hoping I'll hear from him today about Wednesday afternoon.

What else? I got nuthin'. Carry on.

9:51 a.m. - 2006-01-02


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