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Ok, finally, a new entry.

1 wierd habit I have is this: I hate having human hair on me if it's not attached. Especially if it's wet. And especially especially if it's someone else's. Wet hair that's not mine on me, can almost make me vomit. So I have to get it OFF ME. Cat hair, I don't mind at all. Maybe because it's short. Dunno.

Another habit, maybe not so wierd, is that I do things the same every day in some parts of my life, specifically the morning at showertime. And everything in the bathroom is lined up in order of use.

If I think of anything else wierd that I do, I'll get back to you. :)

I bought a MadLibs page-a-day calendar after Christmas, because I couldn't find a Mensa page-a-day calendar at B&N, but I just don't care, apparently. I thought it would be funny. Not so much. It's still sitting on January 2. I do get the Mensa page-a-day in email, which I read and then fwd to NS.

Yesterday was JE's first day back at school after winter intersession break. I'm sure D and NS were VERY happy about that, having him home fulltime has totally put a cramp on their "intimate activity" lately.

I have two books to mail out today to two different paperback swap members. One I finished a couple days ago, one I finished last night.

This is cool. Yesterday at work, there was an email that went out to ALL employees. Workplace is doing an employee special sale of iPod Shuffles. For $50, we can buy a Shuffle, Workplace will pay the balance of the price of it. Market prices say that's about 1/2 off. I ordered one, we'll give it to JE for his birthday which is in February.

Still loving the iPod, I listened to a bunch of Bob & Tom shows yesterday at work while doing mindless data maintenance stuff. They automagically get downloaded to my computer every day while I'm at work, and then I put them on the iPod in the morning and take it with me to work.

That's all I got today, and I need to package up these 2 books.

6:30 a.m. - 2006-01-10


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