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ankle biter... no, ankle BENDER!

Another kinda wierd thing I do: I have these great fuzzy purple "slumber socks" (that's what the package called them anyway), they're about ankle height, and sometimes at night, I will wear one on my left HAND, because that hand sticks out of the covers and gets cold if I don't. It's like a mitten, with no thumb. Toasty.

Yesterday, after I posted, took my shower, got ready to go, and headed out to the car, what did I do? Yes, that's right. Fell down 5 steps and twisted my ankle. Ouch ouch ouch. Just a mild sprain, and it's doing better today, mostly sore, but not as much as yesterday. I did go to the doctor, but all he told me was to do what I was doing already, cold, keep it moving a little bit, and take motrin. Although he did give me 800 mg big fat motrin, so that's good.

So, yesterday I stayed home from work with my foot elevated and cold packs on it intermittently, and read a lot, and chatted on the computer a lot, and took a nap, and did some work from home on that computer, and generally lazed around recuperating.

I'll be hobbling around at work today, because we have (the joy never stops) IRS tax auditors coming. I don't know why, but I'll be on call for reports, no doubt. And because I was off yesterday, and because Ed's wife needs him to take her to the SocSec office to talk about her impending retirement (boooo!!! hisss!!!), we probably won't have therapy this afternoon.

I think that's all I have for now.

6:43 a.m. - 2006-01-11


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