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it's just.... a little crush....

Remember back in grade school when you went to the circus and saw the acrobat girl and developed a crush on her (not knowing that's what it was) and wanted to be her penpal and wrote her a letter and she wrote back and you wrote back and then she probably never wrote back because she was in the circus. Remember that? Or was that just me? Ok, it was just me.

Tonight, it happened again. Not on a circus performer, but a comedian. Pat Godwin. Funny, funny, funny man. And sex-ay! Hot hot sizzle hot. At least IMO. After he'd been on stage for a few minutes, I leaned over to NS and said, just so you know, I would SO do him right now! And she said, well, who wouldn't???

After the show, we went out, and he was at a table with CDs to sell, and we stopped to chat with him a little bit, and I got a HUG, and I TOLD HIM that I would so do him. If I had been there by myself..... well, I can dream anyway, right?

So, when we got home, I came down here and went to his website, and found his email address, and sent him this email:

Hi Pat,

Great show tonight! And a GREAT hug too! :)

This might sound wierd, but you are both shorter and better looking than I had anticipated. Since I'm only 5'2", short isn't a problem for me, and I've always liked older men. ;) I'm 42 (sorry, it's not my birthday, but we can pretend if you want) and kinda married, but don't let that stop you from anything if you're in town again.

I promise I'm not a stalker, but I think I developed a bit of a crush on you tonight. Hope you don't mind. And we do have your CD, and are obviously total idiots because we didn't bring it for an autograph. Guess you'll have to come back to [capital city], won't you? Actually, come to [our city], and you can stay at our house. We can hang out and chat, have food, maybe NS can get up close to the wood (of your guitar, right?) and I'll "accidentally" bump your elbow (or whatever other body part happens along) with my boob. It'll be fun.

Anyway, again, great show!

With all sincerity,

ThatGrrrl who said she'd do you!

I blind copied both D and NS, and they thought it was a good email, lots of personality, and they think he'll write me back. We shall see.

Anyway, thus endeth the comedy trifecta of January 2006. Auggie Smith, Todd Yohn, Pat Godwin. Buy two, get one free.

I know which one I want to get for free. ;)

10:57 p.m. - 2006-01-21


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