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catching up a little bit

Yeah yeah yeah, it's been almost a week. My finger's all better now though. However, I have a sore throat AGAIN, and feel all coldy AGAIN and I better NOT be getting strep throat AGAIN or I will have to shoot someone a really DIRTY LOOK!!!!

So, work is going well, newBossman is giving me mysteries to solve and projects to work on and it's all good. Like, projects and mysteries that last more than ONE DAY, which is good.

Home is going well, been reading a lot, and I just got notification that Stephen King's newest book, Cell, has been automatically requested for my reading pleasure on so that should be coming in the next week or so. Unless it gets lost in the mail like another of the books that I ordered did. But if that happens, I'll go back to the top of the list and get it mailed from another member. So that's all good too.

Had therapy with Ed on Wednesday which was totally awesome, greatly needed and wonderful.

Got my teeth cleaned Wednesday morning before therapy and got an A+++ and 5 stars from both the person who cleaned my teeth (which I can't seem to spell this morning) and from the dentist.

It was 80 degrees here yesterday and will be again today, so yay! for warm weather.

I need to go reset whatever clocks haven't reset themselves automatically.

8:54 a.m. - 2006-04-02


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