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crash! bang! thud!

So, really, the reason I haven't been writing here much, is because I honestly don't have much to talk about. Things in my life are pretty much going smoothly.

Well, I did have a little excitement this morning in the shower. And I was by myself at the time. But only for a little while. Shortly after I got into the shower, both D and NS were in the bathroom with me. And yes, I was naked.

Of course, it was only because they heard a huge crash-THUD-bang! from the bathroom and both of them came racing up the stairs to find me sitting on the floor of the bathtub rubbing my left knee. Apparently, the bathtub was extra slippery this morning, and I went slip-sliding down the wall and onto the floor and things came crashing down around me. I have a nice lump on my knee, which is all achey. And in the course of falling like that, for some reason I got queasy and threw up all my breakfast.

But after that, I was fine, just achey. Took my shower, did all my regular morning stuff, took NS to work, went to work, and worked till 3. At which point I went to the home improvement store and bought a couple packs of non-slip strips to put in the bathtub. And then went home, NS cleaned the bathtub out, and I installed the strips.

So now, if I'm lying down in the bathtub, it's on purpose.

I received the newest Stephen King book, Cell, in the mail a few days ago from one of the book trading sites. Unfortunately, it came from a home where the reader smoked, so I had to set it outside to air for a day or 2, and it is still a little smelly, even though I sprinkled bath salts in between the pages. So, I probably won't keep it, I'll probably pass it along to the next person, and hope that someone gives it to me for my birthday or Christmas or whatever.

I'm off work tomorrow, for Good Friday. I have no plans. It's supposed to be in the mid-80's. Perhaps a nap.

That is all.

8:02 p.m. - 2006-04-13


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