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a medical entry

Well, this isn't really about me, it's about the things that have happened to people around me. In reverse chronological order, and briefly.

Yesterday, D whacked his forehead on the (sharp) corner of the microwave stand in the kitchen, cut his forehead, bled a lot, called me, called 911, EMTs came and said, you're going to be fine, no stitches necessary, put Betadine and a big bandaid on it, and played with the dog. I came home, worked from home all day listening to Bob&Tom, and he's fine. We put a corner cushion on the stand so it doesn't happen again.

Friday, D's brother Doorun was playing pool with a bunch of guys (he's in the Navy getting ready to deploy to probably Iraq) and some other guys were playing cards, and two of the other cards guys got into a fight and Doorun got in the middle of them to try to stop it (he's a former NP, MP, cop, firefighter) and one of them (a private) punched him hard enough to break his nose and his cheekbone. He's been in the hospital in SC (family is in IA) since Friday night, and will be having surgery to install a titanium plate in his cheek and splint his nose this evening, about 5 I think. D and I plan to go visit him on Thursday (it's a 4 hour drive from here) and I will probably take Friday off too. Because work is SLOOOOOOOOW again. Bleh.

Therapy last Wed. was cancelled because Ed's daughter and her two kids were sick, so he and the newly-retired spousal unit went east to tend them, and I haven't heard from him that he's back, so who knows about this week. D and I are planning to go to the used bookstore where I have a ton of credit and get some books for Doorun to take with us for him to read while he's convalescing.

I'm healthy though. NS and JE are healthy. JE, who just turned 10 about 2 months ago, has started taking a shower EVERY MORNING, instead of once a week with much protesting and wailing. Also, now he wants to use deodorant. WTF???? He's 10, he doesn't have hair under his arms yet, why does he need deodorant? And he's growing like the proverbial weed. Straight up. I would guess, within 6 months, he'll be as tall as me and NS, 5'2".

At least there's one good thing about that..... he'll be able to reach the high shelves.

And now, it's shower time.

6:18 a.m. - 2006-05-02


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