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the week, in brief

Hi, it's me again, and a weekend as well as a week has been and gone. To recap:

The weekend in Florida: good, once we got there. Weather delays created a SIX HOUR LAYOVER in Atlanta, resulting in a THREE AM arrival at the hotel. Crash!

Massage Saturday morning was rated about 5/10 by me, the guy used too much force and I felt kind of like I'd been beat up after it was done, and not all that relaxed.

My room had a balcony and a table and couple chairs on it, so I spent most of Saturday afternoon sitting out there in the breeze reading my book, which was lovely. That was probably the BEST part of the weekend, and most relaxing.

Dinner on Saturday night was disappointing, a few slices of tough beef, a baked potato, some broccoli, and a slice of cheesecake. When I heard that the hotel charged us close to $90/person for that, I was shocked. It was at MOST a $10 meal, and that's stretching it.

Saturday night, I had the equivalent of 1 glass of wine, and that was ALL I had to drink. Just didn't feel like getting plastered, for whatever reason. Mostly I drank water and stayed out of the sun.

The flight back wasn't as long as the one going, but I still didn't get home Sunday night till 11pm, and then again, CRASH, into bed.

This week has been pretty good, although slow the first few days. Got a project yesterday, which is ongoing, and I was occupied all day today too, so that's a relief.

And a lovely time on Wednesday afternoon with Ed. Next week, I have an eye dr. appt on Wed. AM and hopefully see Ed in the afternoon, but won't know till then.

Other than that.... it's Friday, which is a good thing.

7:50 p.m. - 2006-06-09


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