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what would I do if I won the lottery?

I'm here because it's 8:26pm and that's WAY too early to go to bed on a Saturday night. *yawns*

Didn't get to see Ed on Wednesday, because he had honey-do things to do and the weather outside was frightful, we got between 4 and 7 inches of rain, the remnants of Alberto. So I just had my eye appointment in the morning (yes, I'm getting bifocals this time... but I knew that was coming) and did other stuff in the afternoon, which I don't remember what it was because that was over a week ago.

Yes, I'm old. :)

11 people at work (including me) put $10 each into a lottery pool for tonight's drawing. I was thinking what I might do if we win a big chunk of change.

1. get both NS and JE braces. they both have REALLY crooked teeth, teeth too big for the small jaw. it's unfortunate, and I would want to fix that.

2. hire a personal trainer to come to the house and make me exercise.

3. only work half days and take Wednesdays off completely.

4. have someone come and clean the house once a week.

5. get all my favorites supergold memberships on Diaryland

6. go visit Erianne on a private jet

7. or on a train.

[D took a train to the QueenCity last Thursday to visit a new consulting client. It's a two hour ride, and he went by himself. I was envious. I haven't ridden on a train for years and years.]

8. hire a cook to prepare delicious and nutritious meals every lunch and dinner. We've got breakfast taken care of.

9. bring TheBoy down here so he could find a job doing radio or whatever he wants to do close by

10. pay off all credit card bills and student loans

11. design and have built The Compound where everyone would live and have plenty of room, or more than plenty of room, for all our stuff to be easily accessible and highly organized.

12. new computer room furniture and shelving

13. once The Compound is built, new furniture for most rooms in the house. or at least shelving and storage facilities for all our stuff

14. big donations to no-kill cat animal shelter that I give my united way donation to annually already

15. frequent visits to the beach in spring and summer and fall, and hell, maybe even winter

That's about all I can think of right now, and since I've spent 20 minutes here and it's almost 9:00pm, now I can start getting ready for bed, and I won't feel like such a dork getting sleepy at 8:26pm on a Saturday night.

8:26 p.m. - 2006-06-17


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