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just so ya know I haven't died

Things are pretty much going along fine here. Work continues to vary between boring and manic. Home is good, everyone here is healthy and happy. JE went back to school last Monday (he's on a year round schedule). N and I found a new yummy product at BedBath&Beyond, and bought body wash and shower lotion and I don't remember what it's called but it comes in a BLUE container. Had a lovely therapy session last Tuesday afternoon, and it made up for the previous 3 weeks' sessions missed. I got several really good suggestions for books, which I have added to my various wishlists, so thank you all for those.

We went to a comedy show last weekend in the queen city and saw one of the few summer shows of the Friends of Bob & Tom tour, and it was AWESOME. Comedians included Bob Zany, Greg Hahn, Mike Armstrong, Tim Bedore, Donnie Baker, Drew Hastings, Chris Bliss, and of course, the host of the show, Chick McGee. The lady at the venue, Lisa, was SUPER helpful: was waiting for us when we got there, took us in to our seats (front row, btw), chatted with us, scritched the dog heads, and after the show, came back and got us, and took us out to the front, arranged for Chick to come over out of the crowded part to say hi to the dogs (oh, and us too, since we were there), and we got to meet him and he got to meet the dogs (who he said are BIG SWEETIES) and it was awesome. He (Chick) even mentioned them on the air sometime last week, saying that he'd met 2 service dogs who were BIG SWEETIES on Saturday night. It was great!

The hotel we stayed at though, sucked purple donkey balls. Don't go to the "newly renovated" *B*l*a*k*e* Hotel there. About the only part that was newly renovated was the lobby, and even that wasn't completed. The best part about it? The fact we only paid $55/night, when the advertised rate was in the $150 range. And that we didn't have to stay more than one night. Ugh.

So, my plan for today is to go to MalWart this morning and pick up a few things. Be lazy most of the rest of the day. Pick up N from work around 5. That's about it.

Happy Saturday.

7:16 a.m. - 2006-07-22


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