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could it be any hotter? (don't answer that!)

Yeah, yeah, it's been 11 days and over 100 visitors since my last confession... errr... I mean, my last update... what are ya gonna do about it?

It's too hot to update.

There's nothing going on worth typing about.

Although I did discover a new diary a couple days ago, Jammy Bastard. Don't know exactly what that means, but it's definitely interesting reading. Diary of a slutty, switchable, bisexual male.

He wants to know why I stopped whoring around. And I don't know the answer. I do think that I never was really "whoring around" though. I had extramarital activities, hidden from D, but I didn't just fuck indiscriminately. I had relationships. Well, mostly. There was that guy at work, that would have been an indiscriminate fuck had I let it go that far. It was close, but then he opened his big fat mouth to his co-workers, and that was THE END of that. Don't fuck and tell, buddy.

And now, I still have extramarital activities, (most of which are) known to D (MT remains the main exception), but again, it's a relationship, not a fuck, that I have with Ed.

I have a primary relationship, and I have a secondary relationship, and I have a couple of flirting buddies, and I have an ex-girlfriend (not EVEN thinking about going back there) and we're friends. I have a fulltime job and a co-wife and there's just not time in my life for indiscriminate fucking around. I don't have the energy for the deception anymore, and I don't have the luxury of a spouse who doesn't pay attention and has a different schedule than I do (the way JammyBastard does).

If I were to spend more time having sex, I'd have to spend even LESS time reading my books (my precious booksssss) and I don't think I could give that up.

And fuck if it's not just WAY too hot for sex anywhere but in an airconditioned room with the fan going overhead.

I'll get back to you if anything changes, ok?

6:37 p.m. - 2006-08-02


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