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Well, today was worthy of writing about. It was traumatic. I almost cried twice at work, and once yesterday too. However, I threw a fit and got what I wanted/needed. Here's the scoop on that.

A month ago, (see this entry) I moved from the accounting area of the building away from the bwitch who was sitting next to me that I can't STAND. I moved to the other end of the building where I had never worked before, at the end of the tech support pool. Little did I know that all of the TS people LOVE TO CHATTER about nothing, everything, and anything in between. I thought it would be work related. No.

Yesterday, the topic of discussion as I was leaving was cool names to give your future child. Names of BEER. As in, yes, Miller Light would be an awesome name for a baby. Then there's football. Christmas. Weddings. Husbands/girlfriends/wives/boyfriends. Animals. Haircuts. EVERY FUCKING THING UNDER THE SUN. And all of it called OVER the cube walls.

Today, I had had ENOUGH. I found the VPOps in my boss's office, and I said, you've GOT to get me OUT OF THERE. I can't work. I can't concentrate. I can't do my job!!! I have to MOVE. There are 2 empty cubes in the quiet area AWAY from TS, and I want one of them.

I wasn't nice about it, I didn't say please, I basically put my foot down. I said, I'm on vacation next week, and I NEED resolution to this situation.

So, I went away, after he said he would try to get me something that worked for me, and would try to do it today. My smartass boss said, so, the grass isn't really greener down there, huh? Asshole. I said, it's differently bad. Anyway, the VPOps saw me at lunch and said he'd email me, he thought he had some good news. About an hour later, I emailed him, asked him what the good news was, and he said he'd gotten distracted by something else and the gist was that I could move into the first cube in the quiet area whenever I wanted to.

My reply to him: Tomorrow. Thank you.

So, tomorrow AM me and my two helper gnomes will go in to my work again early and move all my shit from the far end of the building about half way back down. Hopefully, it will be better. I have a good feeling about it.

The other thing that's been stressing me out some, which will probably end up costing us a bunch of money, is that there's a SMELL coming out of the crawlspace of the house, and it's in the entire downstairs, which, coincidentally, is where MY bedroom is, the laundryroom and the computer room. We had one of the people who clean our house come over to see if she could identify what is causing it, and she said, from her experience of smelling smells, it smells like something DIED in there somewhere. Ewwwwww.

So, D called the contractor that did our AWESOME windows, and left a message to have someone call him and see what might be able to be done. I'm afraid it's going to involve ripping out the walls of the downstairs bathroom and the closet of my room which backs up on the bathroom. The dead thing has got to be in that area. Luckily, we have 2 other bathrooms upstairs, so that won't be as much of a PITA as it could be. However, the smell in my room sucks totally. I've ordered some industrial smell absorber stuff, called Fresh Wave Continuous Release Gel Pet Odor Neutralizer, and it sounds pretty good from the things I read about it. Those should get here next week. I also bought, for the interim, some of those solid room deodorizers, which won't eliminate the odor, but will mask it for a while, I hope.

The other thing is that I'm on vacation now, which is going to be wonderful. Even if the weather isn't summerlike, it will still be good to not be at work.

Oh, and I just found out today that I have the wonderful joy (not!) of going back to Switzerland in about a month for power user training on Because the price differential with and without a Saturday night stay is over $1000, I'll have a few days after training is done in the Zurich area. I've been to Switzerland twice before, and I don't know anyone there. Any suggestions for things that I should absolutely see in that metro area, which don't involve too much walking, would be appreciated. No promises though.

So, there ya go. You are now caught up on my life. Feel better? :)

8:34 p.m. - 2006-09-22


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