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Yes, yes, I know, it's been 68 days since my last confession. But things have been pretty copacetic. Until today.

How to start? In November, my workplace globally started using a CRM program, and I was involved in the US implementation, went to Switzerland (remember?) for a week, got power user training, etc etc blah blah blah. I did a LOT of data cleaning in our old CRM program, did the transfer out of the old one, and became fluent in the new one, and started doing the same kind of data cleaning in the new one.

Discovered a couple days ago that I could use a utility WITHIN the new CRM that would allow me to standardize the countries in the accounts and contacts without having to manually edit them (there are over 15000 accounts and 45000 contacts). So instead of having CA, Canada, Ca, Canadia, Ca. and so on, I could select all the entries and say, make these countries all be CA, which is the ISO standard country abbreviation for Canada. Same with the US: US, USA, United States, United States of America, U.S.A. and so on. Stupid users, being all inconsistent. Makes my reporting life HELLish.

So over the last couple days, I've been cleaning up. I haven't been making ANY other changes to ANYone else's data (other than our data, the US), because it's not mine. And I'm not responsible for it.

And today? I get an email from the project leader, who has pretty much moved ON to another project so has about 1% of her attention focused on THIS one. Saying, to boil it down, we'd really appreciate it if you didn't make anymore changes, and we've been getting complaints (COMPLAINTS!!!) from other people that "someone" (me) has been making changes to their data.

And she busted me back down to ordinary user. Took away my global admin privs.

And also? She wants to have a phone conference, with me and her and her "assistant" and some other guy from there and our VP. What? So she can ream me a new asshole? I don't think that would be very productive, do you? No.

She wants me to send her screenshots of the changes that I've been making. Impossible.

I started to answer her email and just got madder and madder and had to stop. I did not send it, just saved it as a draft. Will come back to it tomorrow. Because we were supposed to be getting freezing rain today, I left work about noonish and picked up N and we came home. I read for a while, kinda took a nap, and got up still pissed off and grumpy. So D suggested that I come here and vent, see if I could get it out, not just stew about it all night.

See the changes that I've been making have mostly been changes that we requested HER (or her assistant) make, and got nothing from them, no reply, no acknowledgement of the request, no explanation of why it couldn't be done, no estimate of when it might be done, and CERTAINLY no actual completion of the request. So, because my users (our VP, our managers, and certainly the salespeople who are the MAIN users of this program) were chomping at the bit, wondering when they would have the access that they need to DO THEIR FUCKING JOB (deep breaths) wondering when they would have the access that they need, I researched and investigated and gave them the access that I could give them, and they were happy. Happier anyway, than when all I was doing was saying, well, we ASKED that it be done, and it hasn't been done, sorry, that's all I've got.

Our VP Sales is the kind of guy who wants it to work NOW, wants it to work RIGHT AWAY, and ok, he's a little over the top, but for us to have to wait 3 months before users have access to the information they need to do their job? Not acceptable. I could take care of some of that, and so I did.

And today, I got my hand slapped but good for doing it.

You know what I say? Fine. Fuck you very much, lady. Do it yourself (hahahahahahahaha!). Have your assistant do it (yeah, right, I probably know more about the program than she does, at least in terms of using it). I will just forward ALLLL the emails that I receive requesting changes to the access or to the program, I will forward them to you, with a cc to the person making the request, and I will be keeping TRACK of how many requests I get, and when I forwarded them to you, and I will check BACK frequently to see if they have been taken care of, and I will be keeping TRACK of when I check and when they actually get done (if ever), and I will say to my users, sorry, I can't help you, my access to that kind of thing has been revoked.

And, on the issue of data cleaning, if I have to run reports or create views, and the results are skewed in the future because the data is CRAP, who do you point a finger at? Not me, because MY data is clean. The rest of the world? Can go to hell. Even though our esteemed CEO supposedly will be looking at the outcome of this program and its use. I'll just sit here in my little corner of the world and keep my OWN yard clean, and fuck the rest of the world.

Bitter? Sure. Pissed off? You betcha. Looking for a new job? Maybe..... well, maybe a little more than I was yesterday anyway.

6:04 p.m. - 2007-02-01


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