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100 plus things about ThatGrrrl

Look! 100 things about me, and a few extra.

1 I prefer spreadsheets to word processors
2 I love cats and would adopt them all from the shelter if I could
3 I'm bisexual and married
4 My favorite kind of candy is chocolate and peanuts
5 I've taken but not passed the Jeopardy test
6 I'm a member of Mensa
7 I hate crowds and would rather be alone than in one
8 I was born in California, but grew up in Alaska
9 If I never see snow again, that'll be fine with me
10 I'm a Scorpio
11 I've been to Europe twice and hope to never go again
12 If I were to have a tattoo, it would be of a cat, I think
13 I think cigarettes are disgusting
14 I was in therapy for 3 years, but I escaped
15 I like spring better than fall
16 I hate magic because I want to know how it's done and they won't tell me
17 I'm good at making order out of chaos
18 I love pizza (pepperoni, onions, green peppers)
19 My favorite drink is a Fuzzy Navel
20 Or a Pecos Rita at Lone Star (peach margarita)
21 I'm better at the details than at the big picture
22 I love to read
23 I give away almost all my books after I've read them
24 Stephen King is my favorite author, and I don't give away his books
25 I have two cats
26 I want to be a cat in my next life, and think I might have been one in a previous life
27 I need to win the lottery
28 First, I need to play the lottery
29 The only kind of shopping I like is grocery shopping
30 And shopping online
31 I spend way too much time on a computer
32 I have MS, but you wouldn't know it from looking at me
33 I give myself an injection 3 times a week
34 I was born in 1963, 2 weeks before Kennedy was shot
35 I had my tubes tied when I was 25
36 I'm not a kid person
37 A 9 year old boy currently lives in my house
38 I think I'm doing pretty darn well
39 I drink a lot of water, but could drink more
40 I've been overweight since I was a pre-teen
41 Except for about a year when I was 24
42 I was married in college for about 5 years
43 Then I met my current husband and moved in with him
44 I used to have a cat named Astro
45 In high school, I had a lot of sex with my boyfriends
46 In college, I got married and hardly ever had sex
47 I haven't figured that out yet
48 I have Daddy issues
49 Luckily, now I have a Daddy
50 And I'm not talking about my biological father, who is deceased
51 Nor am I talking about the man who married my mother
52 Anbesol and peach flavored water don't mix at all
53 I'm very very organized
54 Especially when it comes to money
55 I would give up my birthday if I could skip the Christmas season
56 I gave a teenager animal crackers because she didn't dress up for trick-or-treating
57 Iím a slacker because it's taken me more than 3 years of journaling to do this 100 things about me list
58 I have a sister who is 6 years younger than I am
59 She and I both feel like we grew up only children because of the age gap
60 I have never been to Hawaii, and have no real desire to go there
61 I don't care about sports in general except a few of the Olympic sports
62 I was glued to the TV for women's beach volleyball
63 Gymnastics, figure skating, and diving are good too
64 George W Bush is NOT my President
65 I wear glasses and have since 4th grade, mostly
66 I wore contacts for a while in high school
67 I had Lasik eye surgery about 9 years ago
68 I don't HAVE to wear glasses, even to drive, but I do because I like my vision to be very sharp and clear
69 I never saw The Wizard of Oz all the way through until I was 40 years old
70 I could stand to lose a few pounds
71 I take the stairs rather than the elevator most of the time
72 I don't know what my blood type is, but I know the Red Cross won't take it because of the MS
73 I'm very loyal to Honda cars
74 Before I decided not to have kids, I had the names all picked out
75 Julianne Kaye and Tristan Patrick
76 I don't like to cook, and am glad there's now someone living in my house who does
77 I saw Jerry Seinfeld live 3 times before he got his tv show
78 I'm an ISTJ (Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)
79 I'm good at multi-tasking
80 I'm also good at focusing on one thing
81 I drink green tea
82 I like to learn new things from people
83 I like older men
84 Iím addicted to soap, and have about 15 bars in my cupboard
85 Mostly I use liquid soap in the shower
86 I rarely take a bath, I prefer showers
87 I am highly routinized, you could set your clock by me
88 I once fell through a floor and had to get 50+ stitches in my underarm
89 I wasn't drunk, the floor wasn't attached to the joists
90 I tripped over the dog in the dark one time, but didn't spill the pitcher of margaritas
91 I still have my tonsils, but I wish I didn't
92 I like to meet people in person that I know online
93 I have never met a person who wasn't exactly what they said they were before I met them
94 I took 2 years of Latin and 2 years of French in high school
95 I have freckles
96 My hair was brown, started going gray, and now I color it reddest mahogany
97 My eyes are brown and have been since birth
98 I can remember about 4 things in my head and then I need to write it down
99 I write to be able to remember
100 I got an A in physics in college
101 I like prime numbers
102 I've been a Googler since it was invented, and I have a tshirt to prove it
103 I'm a morning person and am usually in bed by 9:30 or 10pm
104 Sometimes I have problems with nouns
105 I think marijuana should be legal, and alcohol should be illegal
106 I feel shy most of the time, especially in large groups, but can talk to people I don't know fairly easily
107 I watch Jeopardy almost every night
108 I feel like I'm 14 inside. 14 was a very good year for me
109 I have seen The Phantom of The Opera 4 times in Toronto

8:45 p.m. - 2005-11-02


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