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my summer(ish) vacation

I'm back..... but the vacation isn't over yet. I still have tomorrow before I have to go back to work. :)

So, the trip. Well, first, our 15th anniversary, last Thursday. It was really nice. D and I just did stuff together, and it was just really nice. I don't remember exactly what we did, but I do remember saying to him, this has been a really good way to spend our anniversary.

Then, Friday morning, we left for Ohio. Trip was uneventful, rented the car, drove to the hotel, then drove out to NS's house in a suburb of the city, about 8 miles from the hotel (which was downtown). It was really good to see her again. Although I'd rather she didn't have to live where she lives. The neighborhood itself is ok, but the apartment is small and run-down, and there are 3 of them and a big dog living there, and two of the humans are not very responsible in terms of cleaning up after themselves, being 16 and 8 years old, and the 3 of them have way more stuff than there's room for, so there's stuff all over the place, and though NS does TRY to keep it clean, because she can't SEE the dirt and swirls of dog hair and papers on the floor and under the chairs, they're still there, and it's not HER fault, because I know she TRIES to keep it clean, but it's still dirty, and it made me sad, to see her in that, and to see her kids in that, and I just wanted to rescue them, and I told D and he totally feels the same way, and dammit! It's just not fair. She tries SO hard, and she keeps a roof over the kids' heads, and they're always fed, and she does the best she can, and it's still not enough. She deserves more. She deserves better. The kids deserve better. They all deserve better.

Anyway..... that all came to a head on Saturday night. D spent the night at NS's on Friday night, then with me at the hotel on Saturday night, then back at her place Sunday night, before I left on Monday morning from the hotel. It just made sense that way.

So, Saturday, we were going to go to the Science Center, but we had to wait around till NS got to talk to the policeman who was involved in the underage drinking/drug bust on Friday night, where TheBoy (D and NS's son) had been but (supposedly) was only sleeping there, and not involved, but was taken down to the station anyway (along with several other underage teens and several adults who were booked and NOT released into the custody of someone's parent) and then talk to him when he finally got his ass out of bed (after being out most of the night). So we ended up taking TheBoy to Gramma's house to stay (with adult supervision) and taking Critter (NS's younger son) and going to see Shrek 2, which we all enjoyed a lot. And then had dinner at home. And sat around and talked, till D and I went back to the hotel, where we just did normal stuff.

Sunday, we took Critter to the Science Center, which was pretty cool, but there were WAY too many people there, and so we ended up only spending an hour or so there, and then having lunch back at the hotel, then going home and chilling and chatting.

Sunday evening, TheBoy and I went out to procure food (TacoBell and BurgerKing) and it was nice to have a chance to chat with him a little bit. When I first met him on Friday night, my gaydar went off a LOT. He's almost 17, so I have a feeling he doesn't really know WHAT he is, but he could definitely be gay. I told D about the gaydar, and he said I should tell NS, and so I did, and when I did, she said that a couple of her gay friends had said the same thing about him at some other time.

He's a pretty good kid, VERY smart (not surprising, considering he's got two Mensa-caliber parents), but also VERY lazy and unmotivated. Gets As in Latin, but Fs in other classes which, IMO, are (or should be) easier than Latin. To me, that says smart, and lazy. The whole thing about getting arrested as part of a bunch of kids with drug paraphenalia and/or underage consumption/possession or whatever, that's probably because he's in with a bad crowd. Get him out of the bad crowd (perhaps by moving him out of that situation/city/state) and get him some responsible adult supervision, he could turn out ok.

Visiting them there, and staying at a hotel downtown, surrounded by tall buildings made of stone and concrete, and seeing the smokestacks and the dingy walls and the rust-belt atmostphere made me really really glad we don't live there, and really really ready to get NS and the kids OUT of that place. Perhaps by the end of the summer, they'll be down here. D thinks me telling her that I really wanted her to come down might have given her the last bit of encouragement needed to accomplish that, or at least help her finally make the decision to come down. So we shall see.

Traveling today was pretty uneventful, even with the bad weather in Atlanta, I still got home before 4pm. And I still have all of tomorrow to continue to vacate.

8:19 p.m. - 2004-05-31


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