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90 degrees tomorrow... ugh!

I feel better today, and I felt better yesterday. I think I just needed to get it out there, and some of it evaporated a little bit. Keeping it bottled up inside was what made me feel bad, I think.

I'm having lunch with George today, and very much looking forward to it. We chatted some in email yesterday (I was right, he only does email at work, he has two (adopted) sons that he would rather spend time with them than on the computer when he's home), so lunch should be fun. :)

And also looking forward to the afterwards, because I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off and going to J.C.Penn(e)y to shop for clothes for the SC trip next weekend. They're having a sale on summer clothes, and I want to get some capri pants, maybe two pair, and a couple of tops to go with. Maybe (you sitting down?) some new sandals to go with all that. Maybe. Capri pants definitely.

Oh, I got a message from Dog last night, after my message in the morning. My message yesterday morning was this: "Hi again.... I'm going to assume that either 1-you're still way busy or 2-you're just not interested in pursuing anything with me. Either is ok, I'd just like to know which it is. Thanks." And his reply yesterday was this: "Please accept my apologises in reference to my lack of attention. I have had an old g/f sub come back into my life, we seperated on good terms, so it's been somewhat more hectic than it normally is this time of year. I think I'll try to see if we can rekindle an old flame, so I would have to say, thank you, but not at this time. I do wish you luck for your future. Thank you." So, that's done with.

Chatted with Ref for just a few minutes about nothing much at all, and then went upstairs and finished my book, started another one, did my shot, and went to bed.

Today, work this morning, lunch with George, shopping, home to pick up D, go to the mall for an eye doctor appt at 5:45, dinner probably at the mall, Jeopardy, Lost at 8, reading, bed. Yes, it's a full day. Tomorrow, not quite as full, but I'm leaving work at 3. Friday, D has a PT appt so I'll be leaving early on Friday too. Tomorrow, it's supposed to get up to 90! Summer is here. Yay! And also, ugh! 90 degrees! :)

6:34 a.m. - 2005-05-11


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