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Very good.... very very good....

Ok, lunch today was really nice. I got to the mall a little early so I saw George first, but just barely. We found a table away from most of the people in the food court, and sat and talked for about an hour. LOTS of nice intense eye contact. He was in the Air Force in Desert Storm, playing with nuclear missiles. Now he's a professor of mental health counseling or something like that, PhD even. He's really nice, I like him. We have a lot of things in common, things we like to do, they mesh very nicely. He likes breasts a lot, I have a lot of breasts. He likes to play with them, I like them to be played with. I love to kiss, he's a really good kisser. Very gentle, but I could tell that he was being gentle because it was our first date, our first kiss. He's very strong, he lifts weights. So I have a really good feeling about this one. :)

Not only all of that... but we have the same birthday! 4 years apart, he's younger, but the same EXACT day. How freaky is that. I just keep shaking my head in amazement over that.

I don't know when I'll get to see him again, but I really REALLY hope it's soon! The next step will be for he and D to meet, which (I hope) could be as early as this weekend. After that...... time for this grrrl to be playing! :)

However, I do have an even better, albeit less frequent, playtime coming up tomorrow afternoon. MT is going to be passing through on his way west. Woohoo!!! He told me this morning, tell the professor that if he doesn't treat my baby girl right, your Daddy's gonna kick his ass! :) And also tell him not to honk the horn in the driveway, he has to come up to the door to pick you up.

Gotta love Daddies..... :) And I do.

Well, I should be off to bed now, but I wanted to let all my three faithful readers know how lunch went.

Oh, and the shopping that followed? Very successful. JCP, green madras capri pants and a terrycloth green shirt to go with. Then to K-oh-l's, where I found another pair of capri pants, kind of a pinky-orange color. Looked at sandals, but didn't see anything that wasn't too much out of my ordinary, so I might have to continue to look. My leather sandals that I wore today, almost gave me a blister, so they might have to be just sometimes wear this year. Until my feet get back used to not wearing socks again.

Anyway, lovely day. :)

9:11 p.m. - 2005-05-11


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