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Ok, I had a really odd dream this morning. It was snowing a blizzard, and I was driving to C's house. The road was kind of twisty, so I had to be real careful, and the wind was blowing. I saw another car go off a bridge into the water below it. I thought about callling 911 but I needed to keep both hands on the steering wheel. Then I turned off the main road into their road. All of a sudden, I was running on the road, no car, behind C, who was running ahead of me in a tank top and shorts. It was still winter. I yelled at her several times before she heard me and turned around. I asked her where my car was, and she said it was in the ditch by her house. I said I have to go back, and she said she couldn't get it out of the ditch. I turned around and started back to her house. I saw a guy wearing a cowboy hat driving in a tiny little car. It was red, and it didn't have a windshield. He was all hunched over in it because it was so tiny.

Very odd.

Tonight, after I race home and feed the cats, I'm going over to C's (hopefully no blizzard!!!) and we're going to a coffee house thing. Buncha lesbians getting together to drink coffee. Am I going to feel out of place? You betcha. But it'll pass the time tonight. Oh, sure, I suppose I could do something productive, like vacuum or get the oil changed in the car. But why?

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm seeing Ed again. Right now, he's at the beach, and will come back tomorrow noonish.

He told me a story in messenger yesterday. It was pretty hot. About a beach bondage resort. Yum. Had me squirming in my chair.

He also said I should DEFINITELY see the movie Phantom of the Opera. As good as the play, he said. I saw the play 4 times in Toronto. LOVED it. Sexy stuff.

George finally showed his face again yesterday. Apparently his son spent a week in a hospital, and I'm guessing psych hospital, since he mentioned, lying, stealing and starting fires in his bedroom. I told him that I'd met someone while he was gone, and he took it MUCH better than Doc did. He said, "Ah. I'm guessing that it's not me? C'est la vie..." No whining and crying, no guilt-trip attempts. The difference between 27 and 37. And then asked me if I knew anyone that might be interested in him.

Other than that, I had a terribly exciting night last night.... paid some bills, chatted with D online about N's CDRW dying, and read my book. Did my shot and went to bed. Thought about Ed and our time together yesterday, and our time together tomorrow, and fell asleep smiling.

6:22 a.m. - 2005-06-01


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