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Happy Saturday! Busy day today, there was much shopping with NS, which went well, and it's kind of cool to have a girly-friend to go shopping with, even if it's just groceries. It's also very cool to have two other people to make the decision about dinner while I'm downstairs in the countinghouse.

Yesterday was way good too. Got to see Ed from 10 till 1:30, we went to the park halfway between us, and played there for a while. He was mucho impressed with the new car, and said I'd done a fantastic job. I like it when my Daddy praises me like that. We also went to the mall for lunch and then walked around in a few stores, including the Big Dog store, which was fun.

We were in a shoe store, he was looking for some specific kind of sandals, and I was walking along behind him, rubbing his butt, and he said, "I'll give you all afternoon to QUIT doing that!" I just remembered that, and it made me smile.

Tuesday, he's going to come over to the house about 10am, we'll hang out and I'm going to show him all my toys, then all 5 of us will have lunch, then hang for 30 minutes or so to settle lunch, then I'll take D, NS and JE over to the pool and leave them there and come back here with Ed for some play time. Woo!!! Can't fucking WAIT.

And speaking of fucking, he told me the other day that he thinks actual fucking is over-rated, and somewhat anticlimactic. I can go either way on actual fucking, but the other things he does to me, and with me, and for me, are so wonderful, and make me feel so incredibly good, that if we never do fuck, I probably wouldn't even notice.

So now, I think I'll go drive my new car over to PetSmart and get dog food. Because I can. :)

6:45 p.m. - 2005-07-02


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