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the parental visit approacheth....

Well, today is the day that my parents arrive for a short visit. They arrive about 4 this afternoon, and will be in town till Sunday at 2. They are NOT staying with us, they're staying in a nearby hotel which has a bar (one of their requirements). I'm working today, leaving early to pick them up at the airport, then bringing them back here where the house will be sparkly clean because the cleaning crew will have been here. Also, it should smell like chicken cacciatore in the crockpot, which is what NS is making for dinner for everyone tonight.

I thought I wasn't stressing about their impending visit. I was a little bit wrong. I didn't go to sleep last night till after 11:30, with thoughts about the visit whirling in my head. Trying to playact how it might go, imagining what we'll do, foreseeing the unforeseeable. What do I need to do this morning before I leave? What have I forgotten? What do I need to hide? How will I explain the living arrangements? Will I be able to, or need to, convince them that I'm good with all this?

Sightseeing plans include the two major university campuses and gardens, my work, the area that I work in, and random streets in between. Also, our house, our favorite mexican restaurant, and possibly our favorite Memphis bbq restaurant. Yes, plans revolve around the car, and food. You expected anything else? Oh, and the yummy food and gift store where we get Xmas presents from.

My parents will get to meet NS and JE, of course. Also, the remaining kittens will be dropped off on Friday around noon and JE will be spirited away to the beach for the weekend with C and Susan. The kittens (of which there are currently 3, 2 having already been adopted by lesbians) are staying with us for the weekend, in their big playpen thingy on the deck. They also might to meet AR, my carpooler from work, who says she might stop by to meet the kittens.

I'm sure I will have downtime, since my parents aren't staying at the house, at least I can send them to their hotel and have some non-parent time here. I'll let you know how it goes.

6:05 a.m. - 2005-09-29


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