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Happy Friday! Or, as Greg Hahn would say, TUESDAY STARTS THE WEEKEND!!!! Ya see, I'm off work from now till next Tuesday morning. And here's why:

Wednesday: neurologist appt to get more prescriptions and tell him I'm doing fine, and for him to ask me what I'm reading (because I always bring a book, and he always asks me). Therapy. (FINALLY!) The state fair, and Bill Engvall at 7pm. Woo!!!

Thursday: getting ready to go to J'Con, and then getting my hair cut/colored after dinner. Need to pack, finish my swag, get some cash for taxi and drinks.

Friday: getting up early and going to the airport and leaving here at 7:25 and getting to San Diego about 11:30am. Making my way to the hotel, checking in and finding the hospitality suite. Drinking. Eating. Chatting. Repeat.

Saturday: JournalCon activities TBA. Drinking. Eating, Chatting. Repeat. Probably not karaoke, well, maybe to watch, but definitely NOT to participate, except as a member of the audience.

Sunday: leave San Diego about 11:15, arrive home around 8pm, get back to the house, do my shot, fall into bed.

Monday: Sleep late. Take a nap. Recover.

I'm vacillating about taking my laptop computer, but I'm leaning towards not taking it, just because it's such a PITA at the airport. If I could, I'd take NOTHING. I don't really want to check my bag, though. In case of getting lost. Would rather carry on just one thing.

San Diego weather is supposed to be in the lower 70's, and partly cloudy to partly sunny all weekend.

Oh yeah. The Def Leppard concert Saturday night was really good, and really LOUD. Duh, right? Bryan Adams and Def Leppard sounded pretty much exactly like they did 25 years ago. I just sent my mom a birthday suggestion (November 8, in case you wondered, I'll be 42) (and will know The Meaning of Life at that point) of their "Rock of Ages" new 2 CD set.

Other than that, nothing much going on. :)

7:55 p.m. - 2005-10-18


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