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Hello again!

Ok, so it's been 5 days, and 50 visitors since my last entry. Like I said there, lots of reading of books.

I'm reading Ring of Fire right now, it's a book of short stories set in the 1632 universe, and it's really good. Lots of interesting characters.

Also, working. Also, sleeping. Also, an impromptu therapy session on Saturday afternoon when Ed came over to help D install the remote alert system. JE was out riding his bike, so we took advantage of the non-child household after the alert was installated. No therapy today though, his wife is taking the day off work to do retirement stuff, because she's retiring at the end of March.

Yesterday, NS had an interview at a major retailer's service call center, which sounded like it went well. She talked to 2 different people there, and was supposed to talk to a third, but he was tied up, so she'll have to go back to talk to him. She said that one other person who interviewed with all three got offered a job on the spot, so that sounds like a good possibility after she talks to the third guy. It's a part time position, 5 hours a day, so it won't make her enough money to jeopardize her social security income, but it'll be a LOT more household income and money for TheBoy's student loan payments starting in May, and some savings for her, and it'll just be good. So, we shall see.

I had a dream this morning, a guy at work was in it, and he was in my bedroom, and he was telling me that sometimes, a marriage has a lifespan, and sometimes you reach the end of that lifespan and you just have to move on. Like when people get married in college because they need to move into married student housing (been there, done that), and when they're done with college, it's pretty much over. I'm not sure of the significance of THAT dream though. If any.

What else? I guess that's it.

6:26 a.m. - 2006-02-01


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