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It's too early for me to go to bed, so here I am.

First of all, NS got the job! Yay! She starts on the 20th. She'll need to get some work clothes before then, business casual mostly, just not jeans and tshirts/sweatshirts. She thinks that maybe the State might help with that, she said it depends on how they have her "coded". Don't know what that means, but ok.

Second, there's a possibility that I might be being transferred from my current boss, who is DirOps, to a different boss at the same company, the CFO, who says he needs someone to help him with financial reporting and analysis. Which, ok, as long as I don't get back into the whole accounting cyclical lifestyle, timecrunches and all that BS. It's not a done deal yet, but I did talk to currentBossMan today about it a little bit, and gave him my viewpoint on the possibility. Will talk about it more tomorrow and next week, I imagine.

And that's not a bad thing. I'm underutilized where I am right now, because currentBossMan is just WAY too busy to give me much more than emergency desperation tasks, and not many of those, so I'm left mostly to find things on my own to do. I have -always- said, I'd rather be TOO busy than bored at work, and if I have to be bored at work, I'd rather take time off. Which is why I still take Wednesday afternoons off, even if I don't have therapy. I get a LOT done those afternoons at home, and don't feel like I need to "catch up" at work because I'm not there.

currentBossMan had plans, last year, at performance review time, for lots of inventory analysis that I'd be doing, which all never happened. Sure, some of it did, but mostly not. To the point where I considered, looking at my performance review from last year, and how many of the things on it I didn't do, I considered possibly tellling him that I was aware of my non-stellar performance in the last year, and that I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't get any bonus or raise at all. However, I thought better of that, and I think I'll let him make that decision on his own. It's not that time of year quite yet anyway.

CFOman is fairly new to the company, maybe 3 months? I'm not sure, I don't keep track of those things. However, it turned out that currentBossMan used to work both FOR and then later WITH CFOman at a different company. I had no idea that they even knew each other. Go figure. currentBossMan said he was pretty sure that it would be a pretty good fit for me to work for CFOman, but it's not a done deal yet. We'll talk again. I'll let you know how it goes.

Third, and this is mostly just peripheral to the First item above, D seemed a little not-excited by NS getting the job and the prospect of being here by himself during the days again. I guess he'll just have to use that time between when she gets home and when JE gets home to the fullest, won't he? Or go to bed earlier (wink wink) than JE does, and close the door and turn on their music and try not to make the bed squeak too much. Because NS is going to be working 8-1 5 days a week, and taking public transportation from work to home. I'll probably be taking her to work in the morning because her work will be fairly close to my work, and it makes sense to carpool that way.

Anyway, that's the news that is. Now it's about time for bed for this girl.

9:06 p.m. - 2006-02-02


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