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I may or may not have the time and/or energy and/or desire to write another entry before this coming Monday, so here I am.

Today, I was off work, for a doctor's appt (everything is just fine, thanks for asking) and then out to a client's office to attempt a new computer installation (failed, but no biggie, we will do it on the weekend when nobody is there). Nap, of sorts. The usual afternoon and evening stuff.

Tomorrow and Friday, I will be at work. This weekend, weekend stuff, and getting ready to go to Switzerland on Monday afternoon. Now, before you think, oh, how cool, that will be so much fun, let me just say this about that: I've been there, twice before, and the main thing about going there is this: it's TOO FAR AWAY. 8 hours from JFK to Zurich on the way there, and 9 hours on the way back. Jet lag.

However, I might actually do some fun stuff this time. I'm flying Monday afternoon/night, arriving in Zurich at 7am local time. Won't be able to check into my hotel till the afternoon, so maybe I'll do a little touristy stuff in Zurich/Mannedorf Tuesday. Then training on Wednesday and Thursday all day. Friday and Saturday are all free, and the co-worker I'm flying to Zurich with is leaving to come back to the states on Friday, so I'll be on my own.

I told my doctor today that I was going there, and he gave me some ideas of things to do. He said I should get a Swissrail pass for 2 or 3 days, which would allow me to ride any trains all over unlimited. I should go to Interlaken, and also to Lake Geneva. He said it's beautiful. And I would get to ride on the trains, which he said leave on time, arrive on time, they're clean, and they're safe. So, I guess that's kind of my plan. I'll be doing some research online in the next few days. Will let you know how it turns out.

Anyway, now it's time for me to go read a book and not think about Switzerland anymore tonight.

8:04 p.m. - 2006-10-18


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