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soap, FSA and taxes

I should leave my url in the comments on Weetabix's site more often. :) I got about 50 hits from that one comment, even though my html in the comment didn't work, they copied and pasted and expended the extra effort to go look at my chaise lounge here: I'm impressed! Someone even spent almost 2 hours on my diary, reading 95 pages. Wow. Hope they come back. :)

My spa afternoon is the envy of lots of people at work, and D got many bonus brownie points for it. And rightly so. What a guy. :)

However, I shouldn't have done the AHA facial peel, it's made my face feel very dry and rough. I've been using the daily microexfoliant, and the cleanser, so I'm hoping that it will calm back down soon. I also started alternating between their cleanser and Noxema, which I used to use, and stopped for some reason. It's better than soap for my face.

And speaking of soap, I have way too much soap. I have 2 large bottles of Dove liquid soap. I have the soap that's currently in the shower in the mesh bag, a big 10oz bar like this, 4 bars of the smaller 4 oz KissMyFace soaps: Olive Oil, Olive & Aloe, Olive and Herbal, and Chamomile. I have more soap than I will be able to use in 3 years.

Hi, I'm ThatGrrrl, and I'm a soap-a-holic.

C gave me a 5 bar pack from the Body Shop for Christmas. I then gave it to NS for Christmas, because she doesn't have nearly as much soap as I do. And I did NOT need more soap. However, I didn't tell C that I did that, and I didn't tell NS that it was a re-gift. Is that bad?

Today, I have been spending Flex money, out of my Flex Spending Account. I reordered 3 prescriptions online. I put 5 more in an envelope to send in new. And I went shopping at for over-the-counter medications. Which are now eligible for FSA. As are bandaids. Who knew? Don't tell anyone, but I ordered some for NS and the kids, which I will ship to her when they get here.

Doing that, ordering for them, just about made D cry, when he told me how much he appreciated me doing that, and how I hadn't signed up for it. I told him "nobody ever knows what they're gonna get when they sign up". Then he said something about how I do it with "astounding grace". Go figure. Seems perfectly natural to me.

Later today, I'm going to work on the taxes, since I think I now have most of the things I need. I have NO IDEA what the end result will be. I -hope- it will be a refund. It would be great if it were a sizeable refund. Of course, anything other than having to pay would be just fine. Duh, right? :)

10:21 a.m. - 2005-01-30


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