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boring, chat, yay, JournalCon 05!

So, yesterday was boring at work, except for the chat with RF, which was nice. And I've also been chatting with another guy who I will call LB, who is over on the coast, which is really too far for anything other than chatting, at least for now. But he's nice too. Although he hasn't really caught fire in my head the way RF has.

Hopefully today will be a little less boring, workwise, and also, RF might call me so I will get to talk to him for the first time. Maybe. That would be nice.

My new computer won't be here before I leave, I just checked the Dell site and it's still in the Boxing phase (oof!). But it should be here when I get back. Yay!

What else? Not a whole lot, actually. Except I think I did something to my left shoulder on Sunday when I fell out of the pickup truck. It feels a little strained.

Tonight, the packing and stuff. Tomorrow morning, the flying to California. Yay! And reading on the plane. Also Yay!

Oh, and btw? JournalCon 2005. San Diego. October 21-23. Be there. I will be. :) Click over there to the left and find out everything there is to find out.

6:41 a.m. - 2005-04-12


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