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Excellent...... it's all going according to my plan.....

Friday, payday, woot! Also, D dr appt at 1pm.

Chatted with Ref last night for about an hour..... part of it went like this:

Ref: To be honest, I was somewhat surprised that b even mentioned me.......
Ref: I perceive b promotes us together as she knows how structured I am with submissives.
ThatGrrrl: why?
Ref: I've been involved in the scene longer than I would like to think........
Ref: I am so set in my ways.......
Ref: I have a good heart, and experience.......
ThatGrrrl: she knows of my preference for the more seasoned Doms.....
Ref: evidently.......
ThatGrrrl: and my preference for those for whom it is not just second nature, but their first nature, to be a Dominant.
Ref: Indeed.
Ref: Point made and well taken.
Ref: I don't know what she has told you about me, I haven't asked.......
Ref: I have been involved verrrrrrry long.
ThatGrrrl: this is NOT a deterrent, sir......
Ref: I am the founder of XXX, the largest private SM organization in XX....
Ref: I'd like to think I am an excellent Dom and Master, my reputation is very important to me....
Ref: I come with References
Ref: and......
ThatGrrrl: do you now?
Ref: I kiss good.
ThatGrrrl: oh oh oh......
ThatGrrrl: where do I sign?
Ref: :)
ThatGrrrl: just thinking about being kissed good (or well, depending on your grammatical bent) turns me inside out.

I think we're going to have lunch on Monday. I was trying to think last night while I was going to sleep if he could be anyone that I know from work, but I'm pretty sure he's not. He said, during the course of talking about lunch, that he's very familiar with the places to eat in the neighborhood of where I work. But I don't know anyone at my work who has the same first name as him, so I think he's going to be an unknown person. He's 50.

Yesterday, I worked here at home. I took one of D's naproxen in the morning, and my hands felt much better. I might do that again today. Also, over my lunch (two and a half) hour, I built the new microwave stand. All by myself, even, because D was expressly forbidden from lifting anything heavier than a pepsi can. I do need to go to Lowes today and get another drawer handle though, because one of the two that came with it was misthreaded and I couldn't screw the bolt into it. Not a big deal though. After I get the other handle, I'll take a picture of it and show you my handiwork, AND the new microwave. It rocks! Not literally though, now that the new stand is built, it's MUCH sturdier than the old one.

Ok, off to buy bbq sauce online. :)

6:35 a.m. - 2005-05-06


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