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The weekend, and welcome to it!

I'm baaaaack!!! Ok, I was back on Sunday night about 7, but I've been doing things since then, and now I'm back to here, ok? I know you missed me, but give me a break already! ;)

The party in SC was a lot of fun. 6 hour bus ride down Friday afternoon, not so much fun, although there was drinking, and three bathroom stops. Got there about 10pm, and we were directed to the Hospitality Suite, where everyone was, and an ASSload of alcohol of all kinds, and snacks, and pooltable, and talking, and loud music, and goody bags with a shirt and chocolate and sunscreen and Advil and bugdope. After spending about an hour or so there, the accounting house residents (me and 3 other ladies) went to our house to bed.

These houses are privately owned, and maintained by the resort, and they are fucking gorgeous. Seriously. Probably at LEAST a half million apiece, and there are over 350 of them in the compound. Walk to the beach. Beautiful.

Saturday, as I expected, the weather wasn't great, but at least it wasn't raining. I had been planning to go sailing (drinking and sun) but there was no sun, and the sailing looked like it was going to be cancelled because the wind was crazy blowing, so I went on the tour instead. Drove around Charleston in a tour bus and listened to the tour guide lady, then got dropped off for 1.5 hours of shopping, including lunch, so we mostly just had lunch at a place called Hyman's Seafood. Yeah, we had to break through this thin barrier to get in there.... har har har.... it was funnier Saturday night when I was drunk.

Saturday night, the big Par-Tay! Went to the HospSuite at 5, had white russian number 1, then back home to change to my party clothes (new capris and a colorful shirt). Over to the party building, right across the street from our house, how convenient, at 6:30, where I had white russian number 2, and was feeling no pain by then. When I'm drinking, I get very chatty, and social-butterfly-ish, unlike my usual tendency to stand and watch people.

My catch phrase of the night was "Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman, DAMN glad to meetcha!" from Animal House. The story of how that came to be is pretty long and convoluted, but involved a service guy from Chicago introducing himself to me twice in the space of 10 minutes, and then at least a hundred times throughout the night when it became a running gag.

White russians number 3 and 4 followed at regular intervals, and at 10, I stopped drinking alcohol and started drinking water, glass after glass after glass (which I dropped and it broke) after glass of water. Which is why, I think, I didn't have a hangover Sunday morning.

Dinner was in there somewhere, I ate the filet and nothing else, and then part of the chocolately goodness which was dessert, and nothing else. My 2 housemates were watching out for me, to make sure I didn't get into trouble, which I didn't. Although I do have a vague recollection of coming up behind one of the girls (who is a hottie and, from all rumors, a bit of a slut) and telling her I thought she was hot and kissing her cheek. Dunno about that for sure though.

However, there were several people who were in MUCH worse shape than me. One guy drank so much that the people he was with thought he might have alcohol poisoning, his face was between yellow and white, and of course he puked several times, all over himself, and in a trashcan in one of the bedrooms in the HospSuite. Lovely. And another lady, very prim and proper normally, was apparently (although I didn't see this) dirty-dancing with this same guy, the drunk. I'm hoping there are pictures. ;)

Sunday was pretty laid back, skipped breakfast (read: didn't get up early enough for breakfast), lunch and then back on the bus at 1pm. My housemates and I did get down to the beach and into the water though, which was good. Pictures coming soon of us there, as soon as I get them from JG. I did take my camera, but didn't even take it out of my bag. How many pictures would you have wanted to see of people you don't know drinking anyway? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Yesterday, I got up and went to work like normal, but by 11:00, I was so tired and yawning, I made an executive decision (read: my boss was still travelling) and left work at 12:30, came home and took a 2 hour nap. Felt some better after that. But still lazy, and went to bed at 9.

Today, I'm having lunch with a friend, female, that I haven't seen for a long time. And taking the rest of the afternoon off, possibly meeting a guy, Doc, just to meet. Don't know for sure on that. He's younger, a LOT younger, he's 27, so I'm not real hopeful about that. But he seems nice enough. Just young.

Tomorrow, lunch with BossLady (or rather, ex-BossLady) and JG. Thursday, lunch with Rocco, another possible dom, 50, closer to what I'm looking for from the sound of it. We chatted last night for about an hour. Haven't heard anything from George since last week, probably still working hard.

And I'm going to try to take Friday off, which is mine and D's 16th anniversary, and we are thinking about going to a movie, but not the Star Wars movie. Will have to decide that later.

So, there ya go. All caught up now. Oh, I stabbed my thumb with a pointy knife this morning trying to open the milk jug, ow!!!

6:30 a.m. - 2005-05-24


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