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all righty then..... :)

So, um, yeah. Ed. Yeah. Remember when I told you that if I could find someone local who was just like MT, that would be perfect?

Yeah. Ed.

Needless to say, I've already written the Dear John letter to Doc. It went like this: "There's really no easy way to say this. I met someone else, someone who, it seems, fits everything that I've been looking for, and longing for, and hoping to find. I'm sorry to disappoint you. Good luck with your search. I hope you find what you're looking for."

Took D to the airport, and went towards the mall where I was to meet Ed at 12:30, but since it was only 11:30, I made a stop at MalWart and wandered around aimlessly, killing time. Nothing appealed, so I left, and went over to the parking lot by the B&N and listened to my Bob & Tom CD in the a/c till that was done, at around 12:05, then went into B&N and called his cell number. I saw an older gentleman answering his cellphone as it was ringing, and I waved.

He looked just like his picture, bushy mustache and goatee included. He actually kissed my hand in greeting. He's very much a southern gentleman. But a manly man too. Hard to describe. Imagine MT, but with a mustache and beard, and about 5 inches shorter, and LOCAL. That's Ed.

Courtly. Caring. Protective. In charge. Funny.

We had lunch at my favorite place at that mall, then sat and talked, then walked around outside and talked, then sat outside and talked, then walked some more. He bought me ice cream. We walked and talked and sat in the shade and talked some more, then around 4 managed to make it over to my car, where we talked some more until we finally said goodbye.

Till tomorrow.

There was much kissing today, and he's a pretty good kisser. There was lots of non-sexual touching, holding hands, stroking my hair and my face, and many hugs. Whispering in my ear. I believe this is in my future: "Thus training her to orgasm on verbal command as each O is met with a whisper of a word into her ear that she will soon associate with Orgasm and then over time and with training she becomes able to O on MY command." Sounded unlikely to me, until today. Now, maybe not so unlikely.

I'm going to go eat dinner now... chicken and rice. Then burn Bob & Tom CDs, and try to find something "sassy" to wear tomorrow. :)

5:27 p.m. - 2005-05-29


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