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a good day was had by all

Ok, so today was a rollercoaster day, ending on an upslope with no down in sight. :)

As of yesterday, I was going to have lunch with Ed today. But then, this morning, we were chatting, as we are wont to do in the morning when I'm at work and he's drinking coffee, and then his phone rang there at home. He came back, and said, ARGH!! That was the wife.

Immediately, I had a bad feeling about the phone call, and guessed that she wanted to have lunch with him.

Yes, I'm psychotic. ;) Or psychic. Whatever. She was calling to remind him that she had an eye dr. appt and would need a driver. I suppose, if you have a retired husband, you might as well use him for all he's worth, if he can drive. But ok, yeah, dammit. So no lunch today.

However, that allowed me to eat my (solitary) lunch and go to the post office to mail off a book to Australia. Last time that's gonna happen, just btw. $8.40 to get it there before 8 weeks. Anyway.

Back to my work, and then he calls me to say, well, done with the eye dr, and now he needs to go home to get some golf clubs, and then take them to the golf store to trade them in. He's obsessed, I tell you, obsessed. Addicted to golf. And so, he says, what if when I'm done at the golf store, I meet you at the park for some nuzzling?

Well, of course, I am ALL about that plan, because I am sorely in need of some kisses by that time. And after having my hopes dashed by his *grrrr* "wife" and her "eye doctor appt"..... but ok, yeah. Told my boss what I'd been working on, and oh, btw, need to leave at 3 today. Not a problem, since he was leaving at 2 anyway. So I worked some more, keeping one (maybe 2) eyes on the time, and at 2:52, I messaged Ed on his phone, "can I leave now?" He called me and all he said was, Yes. And so I did. :)

Took me approximately 12 minutes to get to the park from work, and then approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to *barely* satiate my need (and his need) for kisses, and hugs, and loving, and talking, and of course, lots more kissing in amongst all the other things.

Can you tell I just love to kiss this man? Because I do. I really really do.

He made me laugh today. He asked me, so are we going slow? I said, no, and it doesn't matter anymore, we don't have to go slow. I said, the governor has left the building. I saw the look of confusion on his face, and then he said something about Jeb Bush. Um, no. The governor, being the thing you put on an engine to keep it from going too fast, a speed regulator. Ooooooh... then the light bulb went on. Made him think, didn't I? :) Go me.

Remind me to tell him about Karen, my friend in NY that I had a crush on for a while, way back before I knew what liking girls was all about. He told me a story today about Karen (he just picks these names at random, but that one reminded me of the actual Karen) and how she wanted to fuck me with a strapon. He told me about taking me to a party and blindfolding me and using the flogger on me while the other people watched. He told me about tying me to a tree, and how my nipples would scratch on the bark. He told me about taking me to the chicken farm, out to the barn, where there was an empty stall with hay on the floor, and tying me to the hooks in the ceiling, then to the big beam, then using the flogger on me there.

Needless to say, after all those stories, I was panting and wet, eyes closed and mind flying.

I told him today how, every night when I go to bed, I put on the kitten collar, and lie on my back, holding the tag in my hand, rubbing my thumb over the engraving that says, Daddy's Girl Forever, and thinking about him. How it calms me and centers me and helps me go to sleep. And sleep well, and sleep deeply.

He asked me today, are you happy? At home, he meant. I said yes, I think so. I've got my space, and now I've got someone to help me with responsibilities, and then I've got you, I've got my Daddy, and so btw all those, yes, I'm happy. I'm contented at home, and I'm VERY happy with Ed. I'm especially happy that it's out in the open with D, which makes it SO much easier to enjoy.

And the upslope? Tomorrow... lunch with Ed, unless he has to take the cat to the vet at that time. Hopefully not. However, even if he does....

Wednesday. I'm off work. NS and I are taking JE to school to get him registered in the AM, and then my Daddy is coming over after lunch for some play time. If we can get rid of the other humans, there may be some tying up and flogging for real. If not, and we have to remain quiet, then probably just whispered stories and soaked towels.

It occurs to me to wonder why I feel so free to share all these incredibly intimate details with you, compared to other diarists who are much more circumspect about it. But then again, I'm pretty open in real life too. If we met in person, I'd probably tell you the same things, only maybe even in more detail. Bet you can hardly wait, right? ;) (yes, I'm talking to you, girlfriend, and you know who you are...)

So, there ya go. Happy Monday. :)

8:42 p.m. - 2005-07-11


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