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N is for Not exactly Sesame Street

This entry is brought to you by the letter N.

N is for Noodly, which is how I feel.
N is also for Now which is what Ed says when he wants me to come.
N is for nuh-nuh-nuh which is some of the words I speak when I do.
N is for need to wash the bottom sheet and mattress pad because there was a really big wet spot on them.
N is for need more towels than just two apparently.
N is for no, you can't come in the room, you silly cat, that's why the door is closed, stop banging on it and meowing outside it.
N is for NS and JE and D went to the movies to see Batman Begins and I got my clock wound by my daddy.
N is for new shirt that says Daddy's Girl.
N is for new bumper sticker which also says Daddy's Girl. (I'm sorry, MT.... you know I'll always love you... you're just not close enough often enough)
N is for no, apparently I don't need the appliance anymore to really go places.
N is for 90 fucking degrees outside right now.
N is for nice air conditioning inside the house.
N is for no, Daddy, there wasn't ANYthing you did today that I didn't love.
N is for next Wednesday.... can we do this again next Wednesday too?
N is for nice mid-week break.

But mostly, N is for no WAY am I letting this one go. :) And conversely, no WAY is he letting me go either. :) N is for Nice how that works out.

5:08 p.m. - 2005-07-13


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