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It's HERE!!!

Stuff! We got STUFF!!!! NS's stuff came from O-hi-ho on the GINORMOUS truck yesterday about 10:15am, and the ESL drivers and unloaders and movers got all 34 boxes, 2 dressers, 1 bicycle, 3 bed frame parts, and 1 mirror unloaded onto the deck, or the bedroom in the case of the dressers and mirror, in about an hour. Now, why it took them almost THREE weeks to get from O-hio-ho to NC, we still don't know, but apparently they made a detour through California and Florida. Anyway, we got $100 off the contracted price for their lateness, and they did NOT get a tip. They're lucky we were even polite to them.

Anyway, NS and I got a significant chunk of stuff unpacked, the 4 of us put some boxes of (Braille) books up in the attic, and JE found his computer and Xbox games so he was ecstatic about that. Although it didn't stop him from bitching and whining about having to wear headphones when he's on the computer so as not to disturb anyone else in the room with him. Said bitching and whining finally wore through D's last nerve, and he kinda let him have it, which of course sent JE up to his room in a (short-lived) huff. So then D decided it was time to move JE's computer up to his room, so we did that, which wasn't difficult at all, and then it was bedtime.

I "worked from home" yesterday, at least till the movers showed up, then it was pretty much all boxes, all the time. I did do a couple things in the late afternoon, but not much. I'll probably put yesterday down as a half of a vacation day. I'm working today, because we have some stupid required quality training this morning, and then the quarter-end lunch with the accounting department. And today's payday, so there's that.

What else? We'll build JE's dresser either tonight or tomorrow morning. Find something to do with the Abworks which is currently in his room, but needs to go somewhere else. Shed possibly? TriangleForSale? Attic? Dunno.

Ok, so that's all for now. Time to make the donuts, as MT would say. :)

6:30 a.m. - 2005-07-15


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