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Vacation = LOVELY!!!! Beach = AWESOME!!!

Monday, we got there about 1pm I think, and checked into the motel, which was a basic motel, but RIGHT on the beach. Like it took about 2 minutes to walk out our door and be IN the ocean. And that was barefoot, walking carefully. We did ocean and pool both on Monday, as well as a foray to find food (a food-finding-foray!) and found a really good pizza place with literally hand-tossed pizza, quite impressive and yummy.

Tuesday, we spent most of the day at the pool, JE was a pool HOUND and got a sunburn all over his body to prove it. He loved the pool so much that he was in it every chance he could be. N and I sat in the shade under the umbrellas and read our respective books, or just vegged out. I did in fact put on my swimsuit and go out in the surf and play in the waves, which was fun. Got knocked down twice but got back up again, just like in the song. Lunch at the pizza place (it was THAT good) and dinner at a seafood place Ed recommended. Went shopping early in the day to look for goggles and a snorkel and flippers and a pool noodle for JE for the pool to entertain him.

Wednesday, we spent the morning packing up and JE collecting seashells, of which he brought back a bag full.

All in all, N and I agreed as we were leaving the motel, we could definitely do that again. Probably won't at the winter break, but spring break? You betcha! :)

And then today was a day off here at home, with some reading and other stuff... .grocery store run.... no going in to work though. That's tomorrow. Friday. Payday. And then, the weekend. :)

The first day we were at the beach, which was Monday, it felt like I hadn't been at work for AGES, work was a totally foreign concept and place. And I think tomorrow, it'll feel as if I never was on vacation at all. But I've got a few small sunburned areas to prove it.

Went to visit the kittens today, they are getting so BIG!!! They are getting over/have gotten over their runny poopiness, and seem to be busy growing and playing and sleeping and eating and running. Repeat. They're going to come stay over here the weekend of the 30th, while my parents are here, because that weekend is the weekend that C and Susan are going to the beach, and taking JE with them. So I'm kitten-sitting that weekend. Should be interesting. They'll be out on the deck, I think. They have a kitten playpen they stay in. When they're not playing.

I think that's about it for now.... time to go read for a while.

8:08 p.m. - 2005-09-22


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