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TheBoy and an interview

I'm doing much better than last time you heard from me, but I still haven't figured out the whole "songs that make me cry" thing. I did think of another one though, Eric Carmen - Make me lose control (1988), which was, I believe, in the movie with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. Or maybe it was in Ghost. I don't remember. Anyway, that one always makes me cry too.

Other than that, things are going well. The visit from TheBoy was really good, I enjoyed having him here and getting to know him. He got an awesome tattoo on Saturday, which you can see here. There's a couple pictures of him on that page too, of course, being 18. However, he doesn't have the lip piercing anymore, which is fine by me. Just tattoos. The new one on his right forearm, and an older one on his left forearm.

I was quite impressed when I asked him what the significance of the koi was, that's what his new tattoo is, two head to tail to head koi. Apparently, in the Japanese culture, koi symbolize strength in adversity, and he's using that symbolism to reflect the hardship that he's been through in the last couple years, what with being semi-arrested for drugs, and having to go to drug court, and giving up the "friends" he'd been hanging with, and making new friends, and going to meetings, and being sober for a year as of a couple weeks ago.

Not so sure about the green handkerchief he sometimes wears in his left back pocket of his supertight stretch jeans though. According to the "code", it either means he's a hustler, a Daddy, or he dines off tricks. When I asked him about it, he said he uses it to wipe his forehead because he sweats a lot. I'm skeptical, but whatever.

I flat out told him before he left that I'd enjoyed having him here, and would like it if he came back to visit again. That sentiment was pretty much universal around here. He's grown up a LOT since the first time I met him, which was nice to see. He's going to a tech school to learn to do videography, radio, tv, etc, and he's really enjoying it, so that's a good thing.

Oh! Tomorrow afternoon, when I would normally have therapy with Ed, I have a phone interview. No therapy tomorrow because Ed's got a big fat cold which I do NOT want to catch, even though I am going on 2 weeks since therapy. Now, of course, since I've told you about the interview, that means that I won't even get past that stage, but hey, you wanted to know how I was doing. I just got the call about the interview today, and it worked out perfectly that they only had a time slot tomorrow afternoon at 1:30.

Anyway, that's about it for now, from here.

7:51 p.m. - 2005-11-29


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