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Merry and Happy and stuff!

So, Merry Christmas one and all, yo-ho-ho-ho!!! Yesterday, I went to the store with all the yummy cooking and tea and food stuff and spent 80% of the gift check I got from work for Christmas, on presents for other people (and a can of ginger peach tea which was only HALF for NS and HALF for me so it counts, right?). I went at about 9am and it was amazingly not a crazy place, which was good, because I'm SO not about shopping in the middle of the craziness.

C and Susan came over yesterday afternoon to exchange presents, they're the ones that I was shopping for yesterday morning. Nothing like the last minute, right? We gave Susan a gift certificate for that store, and C a bunch of soap (Big Kiss, Kiss My Face and a mesh soap bag). They brought me and NS different kinds of bath and body stuff, one scented lavender and the other coconut milk. They gave D a tshirt that just says "Designated Driver" on it, which is actually kind of a joke, obviously. Lots of times when they've been out drinking, they call and ask him to come pick him up because he doesn't drink at all. Of course, there's that whole blind thing, but whatever, right? And they got JE a very cool glider plane, which we put together last night, and you can see it here. It's pretty cool. Today it's supposed to get up to 60 degrees outside, so I'm sure we'll all be out playing with it. Well, probably not the dogs though. Maybe they can go on the deck and hang.

C put up another of her cat pictures on her cafepress site, it's the Teaching Cat, and it's awesome. You all need to go there and buy stuff from her. Also, go to her website, there's LOTS of cool stuff to buy there, and good prices too.

Thursday night, I got together with Ed for a little while to exchange presents, we met at a place halfway between where he lives and here. This is what he gave me, which is something that I saw on our friend Roxie's site, shortly after I started seeing Ed, and thought it was wonderful, and really neat, and then kind of forgot about it. I can probably even wear it to work occasionally, it's not that "out there" like some of her stuff is.

[begin tangent]

When I was at the site for the link above, I saw her Christmas contest link, so of course I had to click on it, which you should too, because these are the rules for the contest: 1. Pretend you're in Walmart with your daisy duke shorts and a tube top on pushing a shopping cart. 2. Your goal is to totally freak out the cashier. 3. You can put three (and ONLY three) quasi-related items into your shopping cart.


a. A Happy 50th Birthday to my Dear Wife card.
b. A Duncan Heinz Devils Food Cake Mix.
c. A box of Rat Poison

I am going to have to go back there and read them all (there are over 350 of them) when I get done here.

[end tangent]

Oh, and here's what I gave Ed: a hedgehog (the large one, of course!). When you squeeze its belly, it grunts. We bought one for the dogs a few weeks ago, and they love it to pieces. Literally. To the point where stuffing is coming out, and we had to put it up. Anyway, Ed was here at the house last week and we showed it to him and he said the sound it makes is JUST like the sound a deer makes, and he's a deerhunter (GO!) (no, wait, that's BEERhunter...) so he thought maybe it would be like a duck call (quack!) only for deer (grunt! grunt!), so I got him one for Christmas. He liked it and thought I was very silly. ;) Which, duh!

When MT was here last week, he gave me a video camera for my laptop which looks very cool. I'm going to test it out this weekend sometime.

Time passes..... a grocery store run is made for veggies, dip, miscellaneous stuff for dinner tonight and tomorrow, and even MORE gift certificates are received in email for all of us. Balance in the Amazon account so far, $235.00!!!! From my sister, D's mom, NS's parents, and D's brother, I think.

The plan for tonight is dinner (pierogis and veggies and crackers and Swiss Colony stuff) and then after a little bit, D and NS will come down here to the computer room and play cribbage and listen to Christmas music while JE and I go look at lights and get Cookout shakes for dessert. When we come back, Santa will have been here, but of course D and NS won't notice because they're listening to music downstairs, and even if they come back up to the living room to read, they wouldn't notice anything new in the room. It'll have to be JE who notices, which shouldn't be TOO terribly difficult. Unless he goes directly to the Xbox and starts playing Spiderman 2 or whatever it is. Eventually he's going to notice, and then the mayhem will begin. We're thinking he should just open all of his presents first, and then, once he's installed himself in front of the Xbox, we can open ours in relative quiet. But we'll see how it goes.

We did put up the (little) (artificial) tree yesterday, as in, we plugged it in. :) It's very festivious there in the living room now. And of course, the cat has chewed on some of the needles and then puked them up in the hall upstairs, so that's very festivious also. Stupid cat.

Ok, time for lunch now... Merry Christmas!

7:56 a.m. - 2005-12-24


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