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because it's all about the iPod

Resistance is futile. I have been assimilated. I am now one of The iPod People.

This iPod rocks. And I haven't even gotten to the video part of it yet. Last night, I downloaded an iTunes Original Melissa Etheridge album, some Nylons songs, and some Blenders songs. Both are acapella groups. And right now I'm listening to a Nylons song (live) that I haven't heard in probably 5 years. They were the first acapella group we ever heard, and they were the ones that got us started loving acapella. Nylons, Rockapella, Blenders, Blue Jupiter, UNC Clefhangers, Twisted Measure, and Davinci's Notebook. They are all great.

With some of the giftcertificates, I just ordered a car accessory: iPod Charger, FM Transmitter, and Mounting Kit Combo. I had gotten an FM transmitter for Christmas, but the charger and the mounting kit parts are missing from my iPod portfolio.

Today we got Mrs. O's Bitchin' Chocolate Chip Cookies in the mail, as well as Mrs. O's Bitchin' Peanut Brittle. These are from D's mom. She sent JE a present, this, which is very cool. So, since D and NS thought it was so cool, we also ordered this for the big kids to play with. I'm sure they will share though.

Work is really slow, and lots of people are taking these days between Christmas and New Year's off work. It was slow before Christmas, and it's going to be even deader this week. So, in honor of that, I took this afternoon off, even though Ed's at the coast and we didn't have therapy today. Also, I am taking tomorrow and Friday off. We have Monday off for New Year's. So.... 5.5 day weekend for me.

Speaking of taking off, I'm taking today off from the treadmill. My shins have been hurting a LOT today, so I'm thinking my stride is a problem. I'll let them calm down tonight and then tomorrow, when I walk, I'll adjust my stride. Shorter steps, I'm thinking. Will give it a try anyway. Have to do something different.

Tomorrow, I think I'll go to Radio Shack and get a 3 outlet 12VDC Plug Adapter for the car, to turn my one power outlet into three, which will allow me to plug in the compass I got for Christmas last year, my phone charger, and the iPod cradle all at the same time.

Also, I'm downloading some Johnny Cash songs from iTunes (I got $75 of music cards for Christmas).

I know this is very disjointed, and I apologize for that. I'm finding that composing is harder when music is playing in my headphones. The music in my ears tends to try to drown out the words in my brain flowing to my fingers. It really depends on what I'm doing, but writing is definitely something that I obviously need to do without music playing. So, instead of listening, I'll put what I just downloaded onto the iPod. Good idea.

8:19 p.m. - 2005-12-28


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