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get out, or die trying

Mary had a fucking little lamb, over and over and over and OVER until it plays in my DREAMS. On a fucking RECORDER!!!!!

JE sits in front of the tv and plays either Mary or 3 blind mice over and over, badly, and fast. If I don't break that thing, or throw it in the sewer, by the end of this quarter (please, for the love of my sanity, PLEASE let this only be one quarter, not the rest of the year!) it will be a miracle.

And yet, when I asked him just now (and it's 2:47 pm, so this has been going on today since he got up at 12) if he would please not play that for a little while, he said ok, but then started in on how he can't play it ANYwhere and he'll NEVER get to play it and wah wah waaaaah. And D says from the living room, go up in your room and play it there, but no, he doesn't waaaannnnnnnaaaaa...... boo-hoo. I swear, now I understand why people punch walls.

Maybe I -do- need to go to the mall or somewhere. Maybe I just need to go drive around somewhere with my book and sit in the quiet. It's only 47 degrees out, but it's sunny, I should do that.

Before I bash someone over the head with his fucking RECORDER.

Stupid 4th grade music.

2:44 p.m. - 2006-01-15


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