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yes, I'm still alive

Still living, but now, I have a cold. Oh, the joy of it all. D has it too, only worse than me. We started taking zinc, and doubled the vitamin C intake.

I got FIVE books in the mail today. I'm replacing a bunch of my Stephen King paperbacks with hardbacks, in the interests of preserving them, and one that I got, Thinner, is an original edition, from before Stephen King admitted that he was really Richard Bachman. How cool is that! (very, if you're a Stephen King fan like me).

D and NS got the new SK book, Cell, in mp3 format, and they're reading it now, BEFORE ME, which is just wrong. Well, except for I don't have it yet. I'm waiting to get it for free. I'm 16 of 148 on the waiting list for it at

Work is boring. I MUST talk with CFOman (aka NewBoss) tomorrow after I have my performance review with OldBoss. MUST. Need projects. Need challenges. Need something to freakin' DO which uses my brain, not just my central nervous system and reflexes.

D's MRI showed nothing unusual inside his head/sinuses. My annual exam was normal, and I scheduled a mammogram for May something. Woo-hoo.

Again, life is just happening, and not much to tell you really. I promise, if anything interesting comes up, I'll tell you.

8:03 p.m. - 2006-03-06


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